Bromford’s social purpose is to inspire people to the best that they can be.

We believe that everyone has potential and we provide a range of services to enable our customers to unlock theirs.

Bromford’s social purpose is to inspire people to be their best so they can get the most out life. We believe that if we offer the right home and the right relationship every one of our customers can achieve more.

It’s really important to us that each of our customers has the right home. A home that meets their needs, one which they can afford and a home that can be a springboard to achieving their aspirations.

Bromford believes in establishing the right kind of relationship with each customer so they can get the best from their homes and our services. We also recognise and encourage the important part that family, friends and the community can play in our customers’ wellbeing and happiness. Coaching customers to build on existing skills and talents so that they can overcome challenges, including those raised through welfare reforms, is a key part of this relationship.

We know that this has a positive impact on the lives and wellbeing of customers and their families. It helps reduce costs to society and means that as customers become more self-reliant, we can spend our money on helping new customers or existing customers who experience temporary periods of difficulty to get back on track.

We will be delivering our 2016-2020 Strategy at a time when our customers and our business are feeling the impact of unprecedented change and challenge.

Over the past year, we have seen a raft of Government policy announcements including the 1% cut in rents, loosening of the definition of ‘affordable’ housing to include starter homes and the Local Housing Allowance maxima applied to social housing; all resulting in a tougher economic environment for Bromford. At the same time there are a number of welfare reforms being implemented that will affect many of our customers.

Ensuring that we invest in services that help people and communities become more resilient and better able to support each other will be crucial in this context.

Understanding the social value that our services create helps us to understand what matters to people and offer services that maximise the impact on customers, society and our business.

We use our measurement methodology to enable us to assess the impact of both existing services and new services that we test through our change pipeline. This helps us to understand whether a service meets our strategic objectives and the specific outcomes related to individual interventions.

We know that better insight allows us to understand when services do not meet those expectations. Where evidence demonstrates that a service is having a positive impact we can continue with an existing service, or roll out a new service to a wider group of customers, confident that we are really making a difference.

Where positive impacts are not demonstrated, we can improve or change a service, or ensure that at the end of a pilot, services are not introduced to a wider group of customers.

A deeper level of understanding ultimately helps us to make informed investment decisions that not only deliver positive outcomes for customers but also represent Value for Money; helping us to continue our investment into innovative ways of creating social value.

To find out more about our methodology, full detail can be found in our 2015 Social Value Report


Over the course of 2015-16, we continued to develop our knowledge around the key areas that can have an impact on customers, informed by both detailed research and evaluation of existing and piloted services.

Even where we are unable to robustly place a monetary or proxy monetary value on an outcome, our approach to research and testing provides us with a deeper understanding of how our services can impact on customers, society as a whole and our business.  This gives us confidence that where services are having a positive impact, we can continue to deliver or roll out to a wider group of customers or stop services where there is no evidence to suggest these are meeting objectives. Where services may not provide value for money, we can look at how we might deliver these in a different way.

We are already one of the most efficient housing associations but with challenging times set to continue, we know we can and must do more. A detailed understanding of how we can make a difference enables us to make informed and evidence based investment decisions that maximise impact for customers, society and our business. Making the best use of our resources will help us to continue our significant investment in new and existing homes and provide more services that add value for customers and inspire them to be their best.