Project Description

Aids and adaptations

Bromford carries out a significant programme of aids and adaptations to enable customers to stay in their homes and maintain their tenancies.

This includes direct Bromford investment in minor and major aids and adaptations, and the colleague delivery costs of delivering Aids and Adaptations funded through local authority disabled facilities grants.

Last year Bromford installed a mix of minor and major adaptations in 980 of our homes and secured and additional £1.56m of grant funding to help our customers meet their needs.

An evaluation showed that there are a number of positive outcomes for customers as a result of the programme. Our overall results are likely to be conservative as most supporting literature focusses on major works for older individuals; our values have only been assumed where research / supporting evidence is robust.


Social value created
This is how we account for the wider value of our service offers.


Total investment in services
This is how much it costs to provide these services.

£3.63 : £1

Return on investment
This is how we measure the success of investments in our services.

There is clear evidence that both minor and major works have a significant social return.  Over the coming year, we will use our research to support our planning for how we could improve our Aids and Adaptations delivery in such a way that enables more customers to live in homes that don’t create barriers that prevent them from reaching their potential.

For many individuals, living independently in the community can be a challenge due to issues relating to age and/or disability. This can impact upon their ability to live independently and lead a quality, fulfilling life.

Additionally the challenges and risks posed by unsuitable accommodation can lead to significant costs to the individual, those who care for them, the state and society as a whole.

Various studies show that as a result of the installation of aids and adaptations, there is a significant reduction in the risk of falls and an increase in both quality of life and the ability of customers to stay in their own homes rather than move into a care setting.

Whilst there is no legal obligation to provide an aids & adaptations service, Bromford has committed through the provision of aid and adaptations to support the needs of our customers and their families in relation to disabilities, poor or chronic health or long-term illness.

We want to provide homes where individuals really want to live, with independence, privacy, confidence and dignity. Sometimes this means having to alter the property as the customers’ needs change.

Aids and adaptation’s assist customers by both improving the quality of their lives and reducing risks to health and safety. This enables customers to lead lives with greater choice, control and independence and can improve their physical and emotional wellbeing.

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