Project Description

Employment and skills

As we start to see the impact of welfare reform, customers’ ability to seek and sustain work will be critical to enable them to afford to pay their rent and sustain their tenancy.

Our opportunities service is available to a wider group of customers than those referred through the service offer pilots. This employment and skills programme consists of a range of services that support customers to gain the skills and confidence to access appropriate and sustainable employment outcomes. Services are delivered in a work club based environment or one to one in a customer’s home.


Social value created
This is how we account for the wider value of our service offers.


Total investment in services
This is how much it costs to provide these services.

£11.54 : £1

Return on investment
This is how we measure the success of investments in our services.

Despite a positive return on investment overall, the evaluation of our services showed that we don’t necessarily need to deliver services in the same way. We have identified that 1:1 support from Employment and Skills Coaches not only incur significant costs when compared to services delivered in a group setting, they are not necessarily more effective.

A work club based environment enables us to effectively deliver employment and skills support at a lower cost. Over the next 12 months, we will be testing a new structure that includes shifting the focus of some work preparation interventions to our neighbourhood coaches. These coaches work on a much smaller localised patch and will already have developed relationships with customers. We will also utilise and signpost customers to external providers where our geography means that it is not cost effective for us to deliver the service. Where we have a high concentration of customers with need for the service, our employment and skills team will then be able to deliver support in a group setting to a larger number of customers.

We know that being in work can have a positive impact on people: those who are unemployed have significantly lower levels of life satisfaction, happiness and feeling worthwhile. Unemployed people also suffer more with anxiety than people in work. We know that there can be significant financial benefits from employment for many people, especially in light of the welfare benefit reform programme and the caps and sanctions applied to customers not in work.

Across all of our employment and skills services, the total number of outcomes for the period 2015/16 is as follows:

Into work: 144

Into non accredited training: 37

Into accredited training and/or formal education: 50

Total employment and skills outcomes: 231

Total social value created: Across the entire opportunities team outcomes we have calculated a wellbeing value of £1,565,498 plus a value to society of £1,746,675, creating a total social value of £3,312,173.

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