Project Description

Service offer pilots

During 2015, we piloted a range of new services that support customers to work towards the short term and medium term outcomes that we believe are the key milestones along the customer’s journey to be the best that they can be.

During the pilot, 283 customers received the new services in Lichfield. To help us eliminate other contributing factors, we measured outcomes against those achieved by a comparison group that did not receive the new services.

Overall, the impact was very positive with significant outcomes achieved in areas of financial wellbeing, employment and skills, social networks and building skills and resilience.

We have used the learning from our service offer pilots to transform the way we deliver services with a locally based coach at the heart of the relationship with each customer. Coaches will cover a smaller patch so they get to know their customers and their communities better. We’ll have fewer specialist roles and work in a more proactive way.


Social value created
This is how we account for the wider value of our service offers.


Total investment in services
This is how much it costs to provide these services.

£2.59 : £1

Return on investment
This is how we measure the success of investments in our services.
Starting well: Intensive face-to-face coaching for customers who needed the most support to get off to the best possible start in their new home.

A coaching approach to housing management: Coaching to build customers skills and connect customers so that they can make the most of a range of local opportunities and community groups. This role underpins many other services – it is based on a close working relationship with the customer to fully understand their situation and build trust so that we can have open and honest relationships with our customers.

Money advice: Budgeting and complex debt advice to ensure that customers could manage their money and receive direct payment of housing benefit.

Employment and skills: A range of service offers – the Connect Hub, one to one skills coaching and an Employability Skills Programme – that supported customers to develop their work related skills and where appropriate, enter sustainable employment.

Leaving well: To help customers who were leaving us to end their tenancies in the best way possible. We worked with outgoing customers to help ensure that they left us with no arrears and their home and garden in a good condition, minimising management costs for Bromford and negative consequences for our customers.

Financial wellbeing: 62 customers increased their financial wellbeing, seeing either an increase in their weekly income through benefits advice or support with applications for one-off grants or debt write offs. The average increase in weekly incomes was £13 per week and the total received in one-off financial payments was £39,000. At a wellbeing proxy value of £8,917 per outcome, this created a social value of £552,854.

17 customers who stated at the start of the pilot that they felt burdened by debt felt that this had been alleviated after receiving support from our money advisors to put realistic repayment plans in place. Relief from debt provides a wellbeing value of £9,428 per person so an overall total of £160,276.

Employment and skills: In total, seven customers (9% of those not in work at the start of the pilot) achieved employment outcomes and a further six customers achieved work related skills outcomes through education and/or work related training.

These outcomes carry a total wellbeing proxy value of £113,940. In addition, there is a total social value to society of £119,375 based on the cash savings to the UK Treasury when customers move off or reduce benefits as a result of employment. In total, social value of £233,315 was created.

Positive social networks: The majority of customers (95%) felt they had positive social networks at the start of the pilot but of those who did not, nine customers had developed better social networks in their community. With a wellbeing value of £1,850, this created a total social value of £16,650.

Resilience: measured by a feeling of being in control carries a wellbeing value of £12,470. 15 Starting Well customers moved in a positive direction during the course of the pilot creating a total social value of £187,050.

Leaving well outcomes: overall the service had a significant impact on former customer arrears. Both in terms of the arrears when the customer actually ended their tenancy and where accounts did end with arrears, we were far more successful in engaging with the former customer to clear that debt. We also saw a significant decrease in the number of homes left with avoidable repairs.

While these are significant savings to Bromford, the value to the customer should not be underestimated; leaving well has helped ensure customers are not leaving with rent arrears that will become debts for them to pay. By reducing the number of repairs required, void times are reduced, freeing up social housing for new customers more quickly.

The social value created through the service offer pilots does not account for the increase in cash flow for Bromford achieved through lower arrears levels and the cost savings associated with the reduction in the number of repairs.

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