Project Description

Long term support services

Our older people hub services have been designed to enrich the lives of our customers, to make them feel safe and secure at home and give them opportunities to enjoy life and feel happier. A range of stimulating programmes, events and activities are provided to help improve quality of life.

Outcomes for longer term support services, such as those for older people, have not traditionally been collected in the same way as short term support services. To try and understand the social value created through services such as those for older people, we developed a detailed study of our older people hub services.

Whilst we know that positive social interaction reduces loneliness and social isolation, which in turn can have a positive impact on mental health, a number of challenges during the study period meant that we were not able to complete a robust analysis of outcomes and therefore understand the social value created through these services.

However, as a result of the partial study, we have a better understanding of the negative impact of social isolation and loneliness and our innovation lab and insight team will be focusing on this area over the next six months to identify and develop options for all of our housing tenures; not just those customers living in our supported accommodation.

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