Project Description

Short term support services

Housing-related support’s main purpose is to develop and maintain a person’s ability to live independently, either in their own home or in supported accommodation.

As the number of support services Bromford provides has reduced considerably due to national reductions in Supporting People funding, we no longer collect outcome information in the same way that we previously did. Instead, for 2015/16 we carried out a detailed study of one young families service to fully understand outcomes achieved and social value created through the service.

The service comprises of supported housing and floating support provided to 21 customers at any one time. 13 customers agreed to take part in the detailed study.


Social value created
This is how we account for the wider value of our service offers.


Total investment in services
This is how much it costs to provide these services.

£13.62 : £1

Return on investment
This is how we measure the success of investments in our services.

We explored outcomes centred on employment and work related skills, financial wellbeing, confidence, mental health and physical health.

Analysis of outcomes achieved demonstrated that we created a wellbeing value of £319,795 plus a value to society of £88,900, providing a total social value of £408,695.

Total costs of service (funded by the Local Authority): c. £30,000

N.B In 2014/15, we averaged a return on investment of £9.49:£1 across all of our short term support services. This more detailed study may indicate that the value created through young families is higher due to the nature of the customer group, or that simply, a more detailed study allowed us to more accurately capture the full impact of the service than analysing supporting people outcomes alone.

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